Here’s a collection of website design projects completed over the last few years. Most projects were full creative endeavours, although a couple were acquired and updated. Contact us if you’re ready to begin a new project, or want to update an existing one.

ianrobertknight homepage aug2021 850 scaled

Case Study
Ian Robert Knight Photography

This site, designed for a professional photographer (me), was created to showcase my portfolio and workshops. The site was intentionally kept minimal, in order to keep the focus on the images, not the design.

Montserrat   –  ABCdefg 456789 

Open Sans  –  ABCdefg 456789 

2EA3F2 Primary colour is Summer Sky #2ea3f2

383838Secondary colour is Eclipse #383838

Case Study
Private Photo Tours

Private Photo Tours is a company that creates bespoke guided travel itineraries for photographers. Each trip is unique, created specifically for one photographer, geared toward their needs, skills, and schedule.

This site was named as one the Best Photography Websites of 2021, by MyCodelessWebsite.

My Codeless Website Award 2021

Lato  –  ABCdefg 456789

Playfair Display –  ABCdefg 456789

0A1F62Primary colour is Sapphire #0A1F62

DDBA18Secondary colour is Gold Tips #DDBA18

privatephototours homepage aug2021 850
dspaflameguard homepage aug2021 850

Case Study
DSPA Flameguard Ltd.

DSPA Flameguard is a Canadian company that sells fire suppression equipment to industrial sites, marine applications and first responders. Their site is a showcase for the main products available through distributors and direct sales.

Roboto   –  ABCdefg 456789

Open Sans  –  ABCdefg 456789 

DD3333Primary colour is Persian red #dd3333

3C3D41Secondary colour is Vulcan #3c3d41

Case Study
Photo Workshop Adventures

Although I wasn’t the principal designer, I am part of a team that updates and maintains this huge site that markets luxury photography tours all over the world.

Helvetica Neue   –  ABCdefg 456789 

Roboto Regular  –  ABCdefg 456789 

F8931FPrimary colour is Carrot Orange #f8931f

AFAFAFSecondary colour is Dark Grey #afafaf

photoworkshopadventures southeast asia cambodia 2020 04 07a scaled
thegcorp frontpage 2020 01 20 1440

Case Study
GCorp Strategies

GCorp Strategies is a Vancouver financial services company that creates software which automates trades on stock exchanges. (This site is currently in hiatus, as it rebuilds its business plan.)

Poppins  –  ABCdefg 456789

Open Sans  –  ABCdefg 456789

DAAC3CPrimary colour is Metallic Gold #daac3c

2E2E2ESecondary colour is Night Rider #2e2e2e

Case Study
RTK Writes

RTK Writes is the personal website and archive for Bloomberg reporter Randy Thanthong-Knight. The site showcases Randy’s news items that he’s written for several wire services over a period of years, and serves as an online portfolio. Each story is accompanied with a custom-designed graphic.

Oswald  –  ABCdefg 456789

Source Sans Pro –  ABCdefg 456789

000000Primary colour is Black #000000

rtkwrites 720