Here’s a collection of various projects completed over the last few years. Most projects were full creative endeavours, although a couple were acquired and updated.

Case Study
Ian Robert Knight Photography

This site, designed for a professional photographer (me), was created to showcase my portfolio and workshops. The site was intentionally kept minimal, in order to keep the focus on the images, not the design.

Montserrat   –  ABCdefg 456789 

Open Sans  –  ABCdefg 456789 

Primary colour is Summer Sky #2ea3f2

Secondary colour is Eclipse #383838

Case Study
Private Photo Tours

Private Photo Tours is a company that creates bespoke guided travel itineraries for photographers. Each trip is unique, created specifically for one photographer, geared toward their needs, skills, and schedule.

Lato  –  ABCdefg 456789

Playfair Display –  ABCdefg 456789

Primary colour is Sapphire #0A1F62

Secondary colour is Gold Tips #DDBA18

Case Study
DSPA Flameguard Ltd.

DSPA Flameguard is a Canadian company that sells fire suppression equipment to industrial sites, marine applications and first responders. Their site is a showcase for the main products available through distributors and direct sales.

Roboto   –  ABCdefg 456789

Open Sans  –  ABCdefg 456789 

Primary colour is Persian red #dd3333

Secondary colour is Vulcan #3c3d41

Case Study
Photo Workshop Adventures

Although I wasn’t the principal designer, I am part of a team that updates and maintains this huge site that markets luxury photography tours all over the world.

Helvetica Neue   –  ABCdefg 456789 

Roboto Regular  –  ABCdefg 456789 

Primary colour is Carrot Orange #f8931f

Secondary colour is Dark Grey #afafaf

Case Study
GCorp Strategies

GCorp Strategies is a Vancouver financial services company that creates software which automates trades on stock exchanges. (This site is currently in hiatus, as it rebuilds its business plan.)

Poppins  –  ABCdefg 456789

Open Sans  –  ABCdefg 456789

Primary colour is Metallic Gold #daac3c

Secondary colour is Night Rider #2e2e2e

Case Study
RTK Writes

RTK Writes is the personal website and archive for Bloomberg reporter Randy Thanthong-Knight. The site showcases Randy’s news items that he’s written for several wire services over a period of years, and serves as an online portfolio. Each story is accompanied with a custom-designed graphic.

Oswald  –  ABCdefg 456789

Source Sans Pro –  ABCdefg 456789

Primary colour is Black #000000